¥€$! Capital trading method

The method of trading ¥€$!Capital is based on risk management and specifically loss management (max drawdown). We trade currencies like Euro (€), Dollar ($), Pound (£), Yen (¥) and huge volumes are traded daily… It was developed with the only goal of minimizing losses and requiring a great level of concentration. It is a very innovative trading method developed by people with very different profiles. It took several years of research and development to achieve this goal. We use 10% fundamental analysis, 45% technical analysis and 45% cognitive science.
The fundamental analysis is very slight : the past news is already in the price but some, very important (ECB, FED, US statistics …), can still have an impact on the trend of the following days. A quick visualization of the economic calendar allows us to target the most important moments of the day (potentially greater volatility) and to adapt our level of risk and how we manage a position. A “News Line” informs us of events in real time.

Technical analysis : our objective is to determine the highest and lowest daily prices on which the price would not go (higher probabilities). To determine the level of our stops, by a market analysis (Levels of supports / resistances) over several time scales, but above all by anticipation of the technical figures that have the greatest probability of realization, understanding what the market does in real time (technical figures realized on several time scales, order book, correlation, anti-correlation, etc.). We study the maximum probability of reaching certain levels and not touching others. Once we get home, we will go out on the level with the most probability of being hit. We prefer to take 10 points as sure as 20 “not safe”. Sometimes, under certain conditions and with certain probabilities, we sometimes partially close a position, put the stop to zero in order to allow the gain to run to a previously established level.

Cognitive sciences : we use visual perception, concentration, memorization of values ​​and mechanisms of thought. Modeling these elements and interpreting their results allows us to establish levels on which prices would not go. These cognitive sciences are used as an active indicator because the results depend on several human factors, variable in the day: it is a rather empirical science and to use it in predictive analysis is our innovation.

The decision to return is taken when all the elements corroborate (maximum probability of realization). It is the combination of these two very different methods, which gives us the levels of the optimal entry point, stop and objective. Our overall approach is complex and it is especially the experience gained over many years in all these areas that allow us to display such a high level of management today.

Research and development are the priority at ¥ € $! Capital. Our past performance does not prefigure your future performance, but we want to offer you our risk management quality, and adapt our trading method to your investor profile. Do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential, free and non-binding study of your profile or an access to our advice history.