¥€$! Capital company

 ¥€$! Capital is an independent and registred financial investment consultancy company, specialized in personal advice and live on Forex! This is advice based on our trading method and adapted to your investor profile. The advice of ¥€$! Capital is for particulars looking for a performance as well as the professional in its daily management. What is the difference with many other Forex advisory websites? The difference is that we know you and try to do our best to meet your performance wishes!

 We started from a simple observation : the high percentage of losing forex traders despite a lot of training sessions and analysis available on internet. We also know that we can not properly advise someone without knowing him. Well, we want to offer our expertise to guide you at best and according to your profile on this market.

 Our first objective is not to lose any day of trading. And even if past performances do not represent your future performance, our tracks record will show you that we succeeded to do it for us. Now, we wish to propose our risk management adapted to your investir profile, as simple as possible!

 The idea is simple: simplify your trading. How ? By analysing your needs and characterizing your profile, we will advise you to buy, sell and manage your live position. No long speeches at ¥€$! Capital: analysis is for us, action is for you! We’ll just adapt our trading method (corresponding to tracks record ) to your investor profile.

 The ¥€$! Capital trading method is a very innovative (not to say revolutionary) and has been developed by two very different profiles, which required several years of research and development. We will not say more because it will be part of a book, like the story of ¥€$! Capital. When we’ll publish it, sure that it will make noise, but rather see the results and judge the quality of trading through our tracks record on real trading accounts (not demo account)!

 We hope this presentation will be answer main questions. You will find more informations in the “F.A.Q. – Frequently asked questions” part of this website. Please, contact us for a free study (no engagement) on your profile. Listening to the customer, transparency in our results and quality of our advice, are the keywords.

Welcome to ¥€$! Capital and see you soon on our social networks!