The quality – Max Drawdown to 0

Max Drawdown  is one of the key parameters for judging the quality of a trader. Finance professionals frequently use it. It’s the maximum loss recorded during a period (defined by your broker). This simply means that, if you do not daily lose, your Max Drawdown is zero. This does not mean that you do not have unrealized loss (during few seconds for exemple) or losing trades (must be cleared in the day by winning trades). “How important, as long as I win?” you say. If, in your  trading method, you succeed to minimize yours losses, you can increase the risk (leverage for exemple to win more…). Risk management is the key of a quality performance.

Many parameters for judging the quality of trading have denominator Max drawdown. And when the Max Drawdown is zero, all these parameters are very important values, which means that your trading method is of exceptional quality and it will last in time! At ¥€$! Capital, we immediately set the level as high as possible: directly offering professionals and individuals, a real quality advice ! It’s an real innovation in finance, a revolution in trading.

So, if you understood why Max Drawdown to zero is important, check out the quality of the ¥€$! Capital trading method  in our track records now, then contact us for a confidential, free and no obligation review of  your profile.